Monday, December 16, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: a 7 QT'ss post

Well, what I wanted to write next was what I talked a little about in my last post -- that post on my word of the year "Simplify" and what that has meant.  But there were a bunch of short things I wanted to share that fall under the category of "good, bad, and ugly things I've seen lately."  And so I realized there is just no way I can do another blog post without a 7 Quick Takes on this very subject.  So here you go:

1. Good: movie --no make that a great, way undervalued, fantastic movie: About Time.
 I don't know if it's still in a theater near you because when I saw it three weeks ago, we had a hard time finding it. But let me tell you, this is the best movie I've seen in ages.  It's a film about treasuring the moment for what it is, finding the beauty in each day. It's amazing.  However, go light on the mascara before you watch it, because you'll probably have a good cry.

2. Bad: as in the "so bad it's good.... Not really good just funny... Sort of." category, Matt and the girls finally watched Sharknado.  I sort of did too while doing other things.  I think we spread it out over five days total so we wouldn't hurt our brains too much.  The best part for me was hearing Matt's commentary: "Oh he's going to die now." followed by screams of agony and the guy dying.  Or: "that truck's going to blow up." BOOM!!!!  Anyway.  

3. Ugly: what I found in my beloved Starbucks mug yesterday morning.
 I drink out of this thing all day, starting with my black tea in the morning (hence the lovely stain) and water the rest of the day, and when I go to bed, I park it on my nightstand in case I get thirsty during the night.  After this, though, I'm not sure I'll ever be thirsty at night again.

4. More bad: I think what disturbs me most about this is that there's not just one. It looks like a cockroach pool party gone wrong, you know?  And lest you think we're dirty people and that's why I have three cockroaches swimming in my water, trust me. It's just the houses here.  We literally have holes in the walls, gaps in the screens, etc. It's a wonder there's not more crawling around!  This, as my sister-in-law pointed out, is the price of living in paradise.

5. And on that note... More good: I've been trying to make it a point to get to the beach more. I know it sounds weird, given that we live in Hawaii, but it's amazing how that can fall way down the list of "must-do's."  But I got to the beach with the littles the other day while the bigs were in their watersports class.  Here are some of the pictures I got.

It's almost ridiculous how pretty it is, am I right?

6.  Good: Funny... so if we're Facebook friends or you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this picture of my two middle girls headed to the exchange to do some Christmas shopping.
 But let me tell you the back story.  Last Wednesday, I wrote a "chore menu" for jobs that could be done around the house and prices I would pay for them.  So that day, then Thursday and Friday, they were furiously working around the house, even for jobs that just paid 75 cents.  Also, much of what they had earned already was in coins because I never have much cash on me.

Anyway, I always tell them money is money even if it is in nickels and dimes and pennies.  That "a penny saved is a penny earned."  But it was pretty hilarious watching them pay for Christmas presents with nickels and dimes.  Skyler has an ability to be very stoic even when she thinks it's hilarious (which she did; she totally cracked up as she walked away from the cashier), but I couldn't even take my phone out to get a picture of the moment because I was fighting the laughter at the image... Skyler counting out $2.79 in nickels, dimes, and pennies... after Lilly had paid $2.99 in nickels, dimes, and pennies... with a half dozen people behind them in line.

I don't know... maybe it's just me.  But I thought it was hilarious.

7.  The jury is out:  Matt bought this inflatable snowman yesterday, deeply discounted.  He thinks it's hilarious and awesome.  Jayna is horrified.  There is this war going on between Jayna (the classy, young Martha Stewart of the family) and... well, pretty much the rest of us.  It's kind of like the epic tension between Archibald Asparagus and Larry the Cucumber.  (See this if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)  I mean, I'd like things to be a certain way in my ideal world, but I've learned to compromise for so long, I just want what's going to make the majority of people happy.  And this snowman does.
And the street view:
What do you think?

Anyway, that wraps up this edition of 7 QT's!  What good, bad, and ugly have you seen lately?  Let me know in the comments! :-)  

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. I wish I could have been there to witness the paying for Christmas presents. That is so amazing!!!!!


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