Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday Boy

Well it happened (about a month ago), whether I was ready for it or not.
My baby turned two.

It was a lovely, sweet day, if not somewhat bittersweet for me to realize again how quickly two years goes and wonder am I doing the best I can with my time?

But anyway, he's two and I'm amazed by him.  He is amazed... by cars.  It's all about cars, or as he says, "Trucks." Or "Truckshow."

The latter is actually his word for the movies Cars and Cars 2, which, if you asked him, are the best movies EVER!!!  But it's become his word for all that is awesome in the world.  Fortunately, he got lots and lots of "Truckshow" for his birthday.

At his two-year well child visit, I filled out a questionnaire about his developmental milestones. I was cracking up because every question brought to mind a memory of something he did using that milestone that would not always be considered good.  For instance, does he use the word "I" or "we" appropriately? "I WANNA WATCH TRUCKSHOW!!!" Check.  Could he twist a door knob or unscrew the lid off a jar?  Oh, the number of times I've found him with an open jar of peanut butter, half of it smeared all over him, the lid lying next to him on the floor... Check.  Could he hold a pen and make markings with it? See for yourself.

But it made me realize, too, that these things that make my days -- well, exhausting sometimes -- but lively and interesting to say the least, are signs that I have a healthy little man.

And oh, I love this guy.  Thank You, Lord, again, for this little man, and the chance to be his mama!!

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