Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Touring: Honolulu Zoo-olgy 101

I have to admit, I've gotten to live in some pretty cool places.  And while it's fun, when you live somewhere, however amazing, it's easy to get focused on the day-to-day, rather than the coolness.  (Sort of the flip-side of what I'm saying here.)

So, since we hadn't been doing a lot of many strictly touristy things here, so we packed up all the kiddos, and regrettably no water bottles, and headed out.  To the zoo.

It's kind of funny, see, because we went there on Memorial Day.  Matt and I had this debate about whether or not the zoo would be crowded on a holiday.  I said, "Um, this idea is fine, but on a holiday?  It will be packed!"  He said, "Why would people go to the Honolulu zoo instead of the beach?" and I said, "Why not?  Isn't that what we're doing?"

Guess who was right?  Well, it wasn't too crowded.  You could still move around easily.  But it was more crowded than it normally would be.  And it was Wyatt's first time to a zoo, period, so that was fun.  He was very into all of it.  See him with Skyler in front of the elephants.
There were lots of "Wow"s coming from him -- so fun!

A couple thoughts if you're planning a trip here and are going to go to the zoo instead of the beach:

1.  Don't even bother trying to park in the parking lot if it's a weekend or holiday and after opening time.  Yes, you might get a spot, but if you drive around the block instead of spending half an hour (not even kidding) inching through the lot, you will probably find a spot that you don't have to pay for.  Just wear shoes that are good for walking.  Of course, "Just wear shoes that are good for walking" kind of sums up one of my personal philosophies about life in general.

2.  Bring water.  Especially if you don't think things through all the way and go right at the hottest time of day.  (*cough-coughthatwouldbeuscough-cough*)

3.  Don't go at the hottest time of day.  A lot of the animals will just be sleeping in their dens/ shade.

4.  Remember that a big part of the fun in doing touristy things, especially at the zoo, is watching the other homo sapiens.  We were walking past the giant tortoise, who was under the little hut thingy in his enclosure, and we passed this couple.  They were both wearing a Hawaiian accoutrements and hats, he with a hat bottle of sunscreen sticking out of his shirt pocket, she with various cameras and iPhone hanging off her.  Just as we were passing, he said really loud to her, "Did you get a close-up of the giant tortoise?  Like, it's face?  You know, like super close, just his face?"

Okay, maybe I'm weird, but I wanted so bad to ask them, "Really?  I mean, are you really going to show friends your pictures of your trip to Hawaii and expect them to get all excited about your close-up of the giant tortoise in the zoo?"

Oh well, then again I subject you to all kinds of silly pictures, like this one
of us rehydrating at the Panda Express, after Lilly had spent forty-five minutes nonstop convincing us she was about to die of thirst.

It was a fun day.  We drove around the southeast end of the island, where I took some more silly pictures... like this.

So question for you: what's your fave zoo animal?  Would you insist on a close-up of the giant tortoise?  I won't judge.  Well, maybe just a little. ;-)


  1. What a lovely family! seems like you guys had a lot of fun together :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

    1. Thanks so much!! Yeah, we do have a lot of fun together! Blessed! :-)


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