Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just Call Her Wonder Woman

{Or, "A Few Things That May Surprise You About My Mother"}

  • She gave birth to me in Bangladesh.  Even though she was an American and knew what a big difference there would be in the quality of medical care she would get there.  She is incredibly brave.
  • She speaks and reads Bengali AND Thai fluently.  Thai is a tonal language, meaning that depending on how you say something like "Ma" you could be saying about five totally different things. Every day, she reads the Bible in Bengali.  I don't know... that just impresses me. 

  • She's the quintessential cheerleader.  Say, for instance, you're playing cards with her, and you pull a move that absolutely crushes any chance of her winning.  She'll smile genuinely and compliment your brilliance.  HOWEVER.  I don't mean to make it sound like she's so saintly she's above gloating a bit when she's winning.  No.  Way.  Miss Smug Extraordinaire is more like it. :-)
  • Even though he didn't exactly compliment the first meal she made for him, my mom loves Matt and has prayed for him since she was pregnant with me.  Of course, back then she didn't know his name was Matt, but I think it's a huge part of why I have such an amazing husband.  
  • She makes the hands-down-best potato salad and banana bread. And because she loves me so much, she makes the potato salad without the celery (bleccchhhh!!!) she enjoys.  And because she loves Matt so much, she doesn't cross our doorstep without a loaf of banana bread.  She loves us, and we know it.     

  • One time, when we lived in Bangladesh, she had to donate blood to save a very precious friend.  So this means she gave her blood, the people working at the clinic where she donated it wrapped the bag of her blood -- still warm -- in newspaper and handed it to her.  She then carried that package across town in a rickshaw.  File that under "Not For the Faint of Heart."   
  • She's an Occupational Therapist and also a Certified Massage Therapist.  Lucky, lucky us. 
  • She once chased an intruder out of our house in Bangladesh with her shoe.  It wasn't a sturdy shoe either -- like a Doc Maarten or even her old Dr. Scholl exercise sandal.  It was just a flimsy leather sandal that she slipped off and waved above her head yelling, "Get out!  You get out of my house!  Right now!" as her three daughters watched with jaws hanging open.  She never once seemed to recognize the impossibility of the situation, never once seemed to say to herself, "You know... this might not work."  That has to be one of her best qualities.
  • She had the patience, diligence, and faith to raise me, and the love in her heart to become one of my dearest friends.  Happy Mother's Day, Mama! 

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