Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What She Wore

I've noticed there are lots of blogs out there in Blog Land with perfectly dressed, perfectly coiffed kids. I would really like to talk to the mothers of these children and ask, 'How the heck do you get your kids to dress in what you want them to wear?" My kids have always been very opinionated about their clothing. And they come by it honestly. The first argument I remember having with my mother was around my third birthday, when she chose the most ghastly and unflattering pair of brown bell-bottom pants that had verticalstripes of tiny blue and brown flowers and an electric blue turtleneck that had a little umbrella embroidered onto the chest. I may have gotten over this atrocity and forgiven Mom in the twenty-eight years since, but I still really hate turtlenecks. And bell bottoms. (Yes, Mom, I'm scarred for life!)

Anyway, one reason I have not blogged lately is because -- okay, well, I'm a bad blogger. But another reason is that I am always doing laundry. And that's because Lilly goes through several outfits a day right now. Yesterday -- no joke -- she wore four dresses. Numbers 1 and 3 both encountered mishaps involving the potty, and Number 2's demise was a chocolate Easter egg that melted in her mouth but for purely scientific reasons (I assume) made a reappearance on her hands... and then her dress. But let's be honest, if she had it her way, she would have been wearing Skyler's ballet recital costume from two years ago, or Jayna's Minnie Mouse dress out of the costume box.

Matt lets the girls walk out the door in whatever. Lilly was at a birthday party the other day when I realized she was wearing two completely mismatched socks. He believes in supporting her creative expression. I do, too... until we're walking out the front door. Being The One That Does the Laundry, I felt an overwhelming need to explain to everyone that this was her stylistic choice, not the result of a lack of options.

The truth is, while I wouldn't exactly call them my style icons, I can't tell you the number of times that I've looked at something my kids are wearing and thought, "You know, in a weird way... but cool way... that works." My former boarding school roomate Lisa, who was always incredibly cool and knowledgeable and taught me basically everything I know about fashion, let me know what matched and didn't... and that was great, for seventh grade. Definitely things I needed to know at that point in my life. But my kids have taught me that it's okay to get a little crazy, that maybe pink can be worn with red, that tiaras go with everything especially rainboots. Okay, maybe I don't actually wear these things, but what I do wear that's maybe a little edgier or different, I wear with a certain confidence that I've learned from the ones that I'm supposed to be teaching.

So I thought I would post a little photo tribute here of some of my daughters' fashion choices, just to say, "Thanks" for the creative inspiration. (And btw, I think my kids rock their hats. Always!) And to say, you are beautiful no matter what you're wearing! :-)


  1. Just between you and me, it irritates me when children are perfectly dressed and groomed. My kids are like yours, they won't let me pick out their clothes. Getting dressed is fun for them, and as long as their clothes are somewhat appropriate, I'm good with that.


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